About Us

We, at Inme believe that having an easy access and insight to the important body indicators will lead towards healthier and happier lives. Our core hormone levels have a huge say in our well-being and happiness. People are spending billions of dollars on mental health therapies, health supplements, and activity tracking, and yet we are ignoring the impacts on our body at a molecular level. Inme will change that by making core hormone level tracking as simple as monitoring your weight.

Inme is a result of over 20 years’ research in the Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics at the University of Turku, Finland. Our team is a mixture of talented people in biotechnology, design, and engineering. 

Our Team

Parvez Syed, Biotechnology Specialist
Etvi Juntunen, CEO | Co-Founder
Karoliina Vuorenpää, Inme
Karoliina Vuorenpää, COO
Joni Juvonen, Inme
Joni Juvonen, Software Lead

Interested in Working With Us?

We are always on a lookout for new collaborations and new business opportunities.